The Business MD focuses on Business Health and Human Well-Being. In a day and age with heightened emotions coupled with mental anguish and intensified change, leadership and team success require higher emotional intelligence married with psychological health and safety tools in traditional and remote environments.  The Business MD offers 100% valid and reliable behavior assessments, psychological profiling, leadership, and personal development, and performance enhancement through coaching, training, and business therapy aimed to strategically heal and get people and businesses growing and flowing.   











Why your Impact Matters?


Want to solve complex problems and foster cooperative relationships?   ​

Your impact matters to all the humans you interact with such as your team, your customer, and most of all how you approach your day. Your impact affects your performance, your bottom line, your decisions, your interactions, AND how you utilize your emotional energy. When you are effectively utilizing your emotional energy you are happier, are clearer, and are more focused and productive. When you are working in this manner you are free of the mental and emotional anguish and paralysis- analysis with your decision to act.

And because when you are both accountable and responsible to empower a healthy and safe psychological environment, people easily follow.  


Is your Impact Creating a Healthy Environment?


Often the focus of business health is on monetary profits. Profits are extremely important, yet so is your greatest asset -- (the human element)  you, your team, vendors, and your customer you interact with.

Below are a few suggestions to reflect upon:

  •     Are you and your people upbeat, friendly, and passionate?

  •     Do you and your team collaborate? 

  •     Do you and your team invest in development opportunities?

  •     Are people treated with respect?

  •     Are people open-minded?

  •     Can you communicate directly and openly without fear?

  •     When work involves the team, everyone is included in the conversation and is clear about who is doing what and the project progress is accessible to all.     

  •     Do you give positive feedback about what is going right? 

  •     Are you transparent with your intentions with people?   

  •     Your environment is a thriving open system.

  •     All people are included and shown they are appreciated?

  •    People are invested in and trained well enough so they can leave. Treat them so well that they won't. 


Signs your Impact is creating a toxic environment

On the flip side, here are some key indicators of an unhealthy environment:

  • Internal competitive where performance is individualistic and creates winners and losers.

  • Is there only an annual performance review versus ongoing open feedback?

  • Bullies and Emotional Abusers Rule ( leadership allows it because of their performance)

  • Loss of human touch where people are viewed as objects/expenses rather than assets. And there is no empathy and little compassion. As a result of the business experiences high turnover, is stressful, high absenteeism.

  • Micromanagement and wasting resources time. Where you assign one person to something and then undermind them with assigning another to do the same thing without informing the other. 

  •  No concern for work-life balance. 

  •  Does the Human Resource department feel like a rule enforcement agency instead of an empowering supportive solution resource?

  • People are punished for being honest.

  • The bottom line is the only focus, outdoing the competition and cost-cutting. 

  • The focus is on correcting problems or what people are doing wrong.  Only the best performers are recognized and the rest are punished.

How do you Stop the unhealthy behavior?

  • Make a decision to do so. And be intentional and mindful with your actions to stop participating in unhealthy behavior.

  • To clear out toxic people and energy, you need to eliminate drama. And have respectful behavior and conversations to engage teamwork and encouragement in your performance planning and measure the progress.   

  • Invest in coaching and training.

  • Highlight the issue by modeling healthy behaviors to eliminate unwanted gossip, bullying, sabotage, undermining, and disrespect.  

We are here to help you stay mindful of your impact and make the right decisions for your business. 

                                                         Your IMPACT MATTERS!                                                                    


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