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Attention leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals:

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What if you had a new way forward where your stress, worry, and frustration are no longer keeping you up at night?  Where you speak the words, have the energy, and have the awareness to understand what makes people tick to follow your lead? To where in this new superpower of yours you return to your inner brilliance and create a thriving environment that is emotionally enriching and healthy for all to thrive in.  Where your workplace is fun, productive and people are happy you are around.  


Well, that is The Business MD value ---it’s smarter and easier than you may think.  

Watch this intro video to learn:

  • Why we place such a high importance understanding what you need.

  • Why Emotional Intelligence is a top priority in leadership, performance, and in relationships.

  • and more...!

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Are you aware of your Impact?

Your impact starts with you.  The effect of your impact matters with every human you interact with such as your team, your customer, and most of all how you respond or react in your day. Your impact sets the tone for your business climate and business culture. If you take a moment, with that thought in mind, your impact is affecting the performance, productivity, the bottom line, and the decisions you and your team make daily.


What creates your impact, you may ask? Think about your impact as external and as a result or outcome. What exists underneath your impact is your psychological blueprint to include your emotions, beliefs, values and thoughts.  Your emotions fuel your feelings and thoughts which feed your behavior and affect your mood. When a person does NOT know how to regulate or be in control of their emotions and the emotion is in charge as an example, the interactions with others will be less favorable and stress increases.  This is because this energetic emotional pattern resides within your subconscious, and most people are operating on autopilot, and are blind to many of their patterns. Even if one is aware, many do not know how to update their outdated patterns.


Once the pattern is updated and you learn how to effectively regulate your emotional energy, you are happier, are clearer, and are more focused and productive. And are able to develop more meaningful relationships and be more emotionally effective as a leader, and/or as an entrepreneur and as a human being. 


When you are free of the mental and emotional paralysis-analysis, perhaps you may discover calm in your newfound confidence and a clear path in the leap to strategic action.  


Do You...


Have an unwillingness to address issues with people for fear of causing conflict and being a master at strategic avoidance?


This FEAR of conflict and avoidance can bring a business to its knees.


Set yourself and other people up for failure. This leaves the people around you feeling betrayed, disrespected, unappreciated and, resenting you.


Blur boundaries, like to feel superior, and are becoming abusive with manipulation, and controlling everything?      

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Are you emotionally overwhelmed and sinking in toxic drama? And no one seems to understand the help you need?


Because of feeling anxious and overwhelmed, you repeat the same mistakes with people and end up missing opportunities. 


You are unaware of your impact on people and end up leaving others feeling depleted and avoiding you.


Do you feel as though you are a mess inside? Where you lack focus, are scattered and it's affecting your business and personal life? 

We are here to take an active role in helping you solve your problems and set you up for screaming success!!

Emotionally Effective Coaching

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