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Welcome to the Consulting Section of The Business MD, where psychological strategies meet business growth and facilitation. Consider me your personal Chief Psychology Officer, here to help you navigate the complex world of business with a blend of psychological modalities mixed with emotional intelligence, leadership, tons of communication and psychological safety.

Running a business can be a rollercoaster ride of drama, filled with ups and downs that can leave you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and unsure about the next steps for your business. Fear not, because we're here to guide you through the twists and turns, and help you achieve high-quality, consistent results that will leave a lasting impact on both your business and the people it serves.


Imagine having a secret weapon in your arsenal, a trusted partner who understands the intricacies of human behavior, the human mind, emotional intelligence, and leadership and knows how to leverage it for your business success. That's where I come in, specializing in creating psychological safety within your organization, fostering an environment where your team members feel valued, heard, and empowered to contribute their best. I'll guide you through the fascinating world of psychological strategies tailored specifically to your unique needs.


Together we will captivate your imagination and inspire you to take courageous action to create an environment of psychological safety, where you can explore new ideas, experiment fearlessly, and unlock the full potential of your business.

So, whether you're a firm looking to boost and satisfy your client base, a leader seeking to foster a motivated team, a business owner hungry for growth, or a salesperson aiming to conquer new markets, The Business MD is your ultimate solution. Say goodbye to stress and overwhelm and hello to a brighter, more prosperous future.


Make the decision to hire me today and let's embark on this transformational journey together. Your business deserves the very best, and I'm here to ensure you achieve greatness because we are not just “average joe” consultants, we're authentic facilitators of change. Get ready to expand your horizons, make a lasting impact, and achieve consistent results that will leave a legacy. Let's get started!

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