“Christine provided valuable insights for one of my projects. I appreciated her thoughtful, actionable recommendations. Her passion for behavioral change in the workplace is inspirational!,  Christine’s top qualities are she is personable, an expert and very creative.” Jenni Crowley, Ph.D. DeloitteConsulting

“Christine’s insight into the organization psyche is remarkable. She possesses extraordinary skill in the successful treatment of its highly complex people issues. Christine’s passion for organizational health and her deep understanding and mastery of practice places Christine far ahead of her peers in service quality and excellence. In addition, Christine possesses a very high degree of integrity and work ethic that transcends everything she does.”

 Dawn Rennick, PhD, PMP

"Christine has helped me to grow my business and self actualization. When I met Christine I was a sole proprietor and up to my eyeballs in work. I had reached the ceiling of what one person was physically and emotionally able to produce for clients on a daily basis. Christine guided me on a process of inner development and gave me the tools necessary to conquer my fear of branching out and enlisting help.

 Change can often be scary and I was very nervous about trusting others with my business. I recently hired two individuals and with this expansion in growing staff it has increased my revenue and considerably leveraged my time. Thank you Christine, for helping me to shift my stagnate and complacent behaviors into a meaningful and more profitable business."


Shannon Plonta

President, Plonta Creative LLC

When I was Managing Director for Northwestern Mutual, Christine West, worked with me and my organization for an extended period of time. My aim was to establish and grow an active and productive work culture as well as establish goals for future production and business transition. Christine is very hands on,task oriented and particularly effective working with individuals on personal motivation. The agents are still with me and we are experiencing stronger production and better energy."


Dick Abel

"Christine West, Thank you so much for the work you’ve recently done with Aramark! When we started the process in late September, I was doubtful about EVERYTHING - and that’s a big statement coming from an Optimist :-) With the work you’ve done, the team is re-focusing, in-fighting is significantly reduced, trust is rebuilding, and it’s all very tangible and visible! I look forward to further work with you!"Karen Demichelis, Sr. Controller at Aramark, Anchorage AK

I met Christine quite by accident. She was presenting to a group of Entrepreneurs and I was invited to attend. I initially was uninterested in the process as the event was being held after work and I was tired from working all day. I took a seat at the rear of the room and sat down. She was introducing herself and her intentions. I soon became aware of her presence and special energy. Her voice was pleasant and easy to listen to. Soon I was listening attentively to her talk and interact with the audience. She was electrifying and captivating. She spoke with such clarity and energy I was soon caught in the experience. Not only was she captivating the audience, I too was caught up in the magic of the moment. She had hypnotized the entire audience and was inviting them listen and learn. If they wanted more there would also be an opportunity for them to attend a 2 day retreat. She nimbly and almost magically had transformed this experience for me from when do I get out of here, to please tell me we can do this all night. I was no longer tired; in fact I was now energized and focused. I didn’t want this presentation to end. Yet, she didn’t say anything that incredible. It was the way she would repeatedly restated two statements. That is not what I said and What I said was... She was tireless, humorous, anecdotal and consistent. I never tired of the exchanges between the audience and Christine. Again and again someone from the audience would engage Christine and time and time again Christine would gently, but clearly reiterate her position. Christine West is an excellent speaker, who has a great mastery over her subject matter enhanced by her personal passion and desires to improve the world in which lives. She is ceaseless in her desire to learn and excel. She constantly seeks increasing her knowledge and to improve her presentations. She is a trailblazer in her own right; she is brilliant speaker and understands human nature with a sincere interest in serving others.”

Hugh B.Starks

M.D. Psychiatry /Neurology 

“Recently I interviewed Christine West, PhD, The Business MD, who is an Industrial Organizational Psychologist on my “The ImageMaker Presents” world-wide radio program. As the interview progressed I was continually impressed with Christine’s expertise and passion with Strategic Organizational Change and the hidden costs of Fear in both individuals and Organizations. Christine’s ability to clearly articulate cultural barriers that block prosperous success and knowledge on behavior was truly a value for my listeners. I found Christine a pleasure to talk with and is truly a “secret weapon” to intervene past cultural barriers."


Joyce M. Knudsen, Ph.D


“We had set out the vision and Christine exceeded our vision with enhancements and contributing expansion needs. As technology was developed we were far more prepared for adding new components that were being developed in the industry, with minimal cost due to her planning of future developments. Communication was the key in the overall transition to determine the ROI of all components. This was accomplished through industry trends and being on the competitive edge in forecasting guest appreciation. This enabled us to have the highest guest scores of services in the Alaska market Tour industry."

RHarmon General Manager Westmark Hotels


"Christine has the intuition, perception and skills necessary to help business owners to truly “think outside the box.” There are so many things that we as business owners do to run our business without thinking of how we can improve performance and communication in ways that truly benefit the bottom line. Christine has a truly unique vision and ability to communicate effectively to help a business grow in ways that the competition will not be able to... unless, of course, they hire Christine, too.” Carl Johnson


“The first time I encountered Ms. West, I was uncertain if she was just arrogant and full of herself or could she really help me to stop sabotaging my business, my relationships and my health. I was so addicted to messing up and avoiding the after effect of my messes. I just could not face up to my wrongs and I have hurt many people including myself. I could not see how my situation could get better. To my surprise in my darkest hour after my pain got so bad and everything in my world was just wrong, I reached out to Ms. West and could see just how powerful her light is. She is a powerful healing Seraph walking this planet disguised as an ordinary human. Don’t let her fool you, Ms. West is very humble with her true talents and healing powers. She tuned into me, could see into me and hear my inner voice. Her healing loving light healed me from the inside out. I am no longer afraid, I no longer avoid, I am alive, awake, free and successful.”




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