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Christine West
          Principal and
Chief Psychology Officer

Articulator /Confidence,
Clarity and
Action Inspirer

Our purpose is to advance human effectiveness. We aim to increase our clientele awareness to their impact and augment their leadership effect. 


I am the visionary spirit behind the creation and evolution of The Business MD. My passion is to help simplify human complexities, advance the human potential and inspire growth.


For my part, it is my practice to operate at my fullest.  I challenge myself to constantly evolve past my comfort zone and to free myself from my own outdated patterns of behavior.  I apply myself accordingly in my business, spiritually and personally.  I love to encourage and inspire others to do the same.


My expertise is in Human Behavior and Consciousness, Emotional Intelligence, Mental Toughness, Confident Vulnerability, and Leadership.  Application examples are in communication strategies for leaders and sales professionals, preparation to articulate uncomfortable topics such as psychological and emotional abuse, creating win-win in conflict and to explain the psychological motivator behind the behavior, create ownership awareness, break patterns and create new norms.   


This secret weapon proficiency tools me to strategically bring clarity and motivation to your business, projects and persuade other people as needed. I value people and feel they are important to business and require continued advancement to flourish through change and growth.


Across the United States, I have coached, consulted and worked with professionals and emerging businesses of all sizes and industries to include solopreneurs, Fortune 100, Health and Wellness, Construction, Engineering, Hospitality, Tourism, IT, Telecommunications, Real Estate, Banking, Government, Transportation, and Legal as an expert witness. 


On a personal note, I love to play outside, to travel,  my german shepherd Zenzi, books, cooking, raising my vibrational consciousness and Jesus. I am extremely personable and enjoy getting to know people. 


I am both academically educated, by the school of life and the streets of Chicago.  I love to surround myself with forward thinkers, action takers, vibrancy and the directly authentic rebels whose have an out of the box cause. 



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