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Meet Rosanne (Rose) Method

With a 13-year background in digging into root causes of technology problems and an unquenchable thirst for keeping current on new / emerging trends or technology updates, Rose thrives on being able to make team members happy and efficient by being the one to solve technical issues. She champions understanding how technology advancements can apply directly to business application.


Additionally, she offers her subject matter expertise in helping clients navigate system migrations as well as quick employee adaptation to new systems by providing insider tips and tricks to make smooth transitions. 

What inspired her to tackle what some might see as impossible challenges? A mentor / former supervisor provided an excellent role model in demonstrating early on that to be successful, it means working harder and being persistent… and this relentless pursuit of answers has fueled Rose’s rise into being a trusted Office 365, SharePoint, and client needs assessment project driver who helps clients organize their workplace through technology upgrades and user adoption / support.

In her spare time, Rose trains regularly in Cross-Fit and thrives on how this demanding exercise tests her cerebral and physical toughness in preparation for the mental challenges posed by Office 365 and the ever-evolving ecosystem that makes collaboration in the cloud so fresh and exciting.

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